Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bible Translations favored by Billy Graham, David Jeremiah and Others

Bible Translations That Famous Preachers Use
(This list was complied by going directly to the websites of these pastors. Although they endorse a certain translation, most preachers uses several different translations.)

  • Greg Laurie- New Living Translation
  • David Platt- New International Version (NIV)
  • Billy Graham- Various Translations (Said he uses NIV when writing articles) (Early Years King James)
  • David Jeremiah - Uses the New King James Version and the Message 
  • Chuck Swindoll - Uses the New American Standard Bible
  • Charles Stanley- New American Standard Bible
  • James MacDonald  - English Standard Version
  • John Piper- New American Standard Bible and the English Standard Version 
  • John Maxwell- New King James Version 
  • Max Lucado - New Century Version 
Observations : It is clear to see that each preacher endorses a different translation. How many different preachers do you listen too and trust? Do you endorse just one version of the bible or many? It would be hard to go with just one translation of the bible because you would have to say that more than one of these preachers are teaching heresy. Each translation has it place in our bible studying and reading. Some translations are better for when you just wanting to read the bible, some are good for bible study, and others are good for preaching. In the end we need to use God and His Holy Spirit has the main source to which  we get our convictions concerning the bible. Prayerfully examine each translation and be open to God so he can show you truth.

This Link may help you sort out the difference between translations


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    1. The old King James produces the most fiery preachers!

    2. Most people today do not study and find out where it is there Bible actually comes from and who it was that translated it like how the NIV was translated by former board member over Bob Jones University who resigned her position because she said that she was a lesbian and she rewrote the NIV Bible to fit her lifestyle or how the new King James Version was retranslated by Jesuits a religion of people who originally persecuted and hated Christians I believe in the Old King James Bible it is all that I preach from just because something says that it is a bible does not mean it is the words of God I support and endorse the original King James Bible I believe that it is the true words of God and I believe that that is why you are exactly right and it produces the greatest and the most fiery preachers

    3. pipc14 - Are you joking or are you just crazy?
      None of what you say about those translations has even a grain of salt of truth. Other then you might only preach from the King James Version Bible.
      On what street corner do you preach from?

  2. please look up this christian radio station

  3. All the older Bibles have become traditional Bibles now. It doesn't matter if they are literal equivalent or dynamic equivalent. KJV, Amplified Bible, NASB,NIV,NKJV,NRSV and NLT are our traditional Bibles now. We also use ESV, Message Bible, HCSB.